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Our Core Values

Our mission is to foster children’s creativity in a developmentally appropriate and resource-rich play-based environment.

Child Centered

Center maintains a good balance between free play and constructive learning. Age- appropriate curriculum for all ages. It is child centered so children are engaging in various activities of their choice and interest. Emergent curriculum is provided to meet their curiosity of learning. Every child feels connected to the center.

Health and Safety standards

The center maintains 100% compliance on inspection reports and follows all the child care regulations for the safety and well-being of the children.

Whatsapp group

Children are engaged in meaningful activities. Through the group chat, parents connect with their child’s learning journey and their day-to-day achievement.

High qualified educators

I am an ongoing learner and have gained the highest level of education and expertise in relation to Early Childhood Education. This provides me with the resources needed to create a childcare environment based on the most advanced and effective research-based strategies.
Things For Kids

Kids Activities

Educator offers strategies for building positive relationships, helping children develop self-regulation, and responding to challenging behaviors

Creative Activites

Art activities encourage children to experiment and use their imagination. They lay the foundation for new inventions later in life. Arts projects are utilized to establish gross advancements in domains such as: physical, social, cognitive, and emotional development.
Physical development: promotes large and small muscle growth by using distinct brush strokes and various cutting activities.
Social development: they learn to share materials and observe and imitate other children’s artwork.
Cognitive development: children are naming colours and shapes, mixing primary colours to create secondary colours, feeling textures, and enhancing observational skills.
Emotional development: Through art, children can represent experiences that they cannot verbalize.
The process is what's important, not the finished product. Children will paint in various ways such as action painting and still art, using various materials like feathers, yarn, etc.

Gross motor activities

At Creative Daycare we have an indoor gym with large mirrors so that children can engage in exercise and dance. We are using props: rhythmic sticks, scarves, ribbons, etc. Games: ball tossing, bowling, golf, parachute, etc. They dress up in costumes and engage in dramatic roleplaying.

Montessori materials

Maria Montessori believes that “what hand does the mind remembers.”
Math: Sandpaper, numbers, spindles, red and blue rods, pink tower and brown stairs, different cylinders, geometry cabinets, shape boxes, and binomial cubes.
Science: Texture tabs, colour tablets, soundbox, sorting box, rainbow tower, smelling and tasting bottles.
Language: Alphabet boxes, book and alphabet sounds, moveable and sandpaper letters, boxes with props for stories and songs, and LCD writing tablets.
Practical life: Dressing frames, pouring, sweeping, and scooping motions.
Cultural: International flags, pictures of children around the world, cultural food sharing day, learning about cultural celebrations. Montessori materials are self-correcting to allow children to progress at their own pace.

Outdoor activities

Large playground (all fenced up) with a spacious play structure that includes a slide, mountain climber, swings, etc. Additionally, we also provide a sandbox, water table, bikes, tricycles, scooters, building blocks, ball pit, and 30 other small activities (bubbles,obstacle games, toss and catch, badminton, hockey, etc.)
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