About Us

Creative daycare has been a family-owned and operated business for 22+ years. After graduation, I worked at 14 different centers and learned each center’s unique aspects to start up my daycare. Creative Daycare is a licensed childcare center in Richmond, BC. We are licensed to provide childcare for all ages, but currently accommodate children 18+ months. I am passionate about working with young children and complying with childcare regulations. At Creative daycare, high-quality care is provided at an affordable price, allowing parents to pursue their careers and have peace of mind that their child is in safe and capable hands.

Qualification: Early Childhood Educator (ECE), Infant/toddler certificate, and Special Needs certified. Red Cross instructor, and Community Care Licensing Officer certified.
Experience: Working with children with Special Needs at community care facilities and daycare centers, college instructor teaching infant/toddler and ECE courses.
All staff have a complete orientation to the program, and before hiring, all their credentials are validated. I have dedicated staff who care for the children lovingly.

The programming is a design based on theories of great philosophers: Piaget, Skinner, and Maria Montessori. The early years of your child’s life are some of the most developmentally important. I am fortunate enough to provide your child with the positive experiences and skills required for life.

Creative daycare children learn 7 skills that are essential to their future. “ It is a Bright beginning.”
  1. Focus and self-control → Following the daily schedule, learning to focus and having self-control while engaging in the present task (ex. actively engaging during circle time/ art activities or science experiments).
  2. Perspective-taking → Children learn to think from another person’s point of view during free play. At circle time, they engage in discussing the characters or asking open-ended questions to understand why the character behaved in a certain way,
  3. Communication → children learn how to communicate about their needs and feelings positively.
  4. Implement concepts → Monthly themes are relatable to the child’s life experiences to form connections and incorporate what they learnt effectively.
  5. Take challenges → Children learn to take on challenges in an environment safe to explore without restrictions. They are not afraid of failure since their efforts are encouraged, not judged.
  6. A self-directed → Consistent schedule allows one to freely move from one routine to another.
  7. Engaged learning → Free play encourages them to choose toys of their interest or learn new skills, this process promotes using open-ended materials and engages in social play with their peers

Children are learning in a safe environment and are excited to come to the center.

Parent Communication

We believe that the quality of early childhood development is dependent on the connection between parents and their care providers
about record

Our teachers are to record meals, naps and activities.


Teachers to share photos, videos and notes directly with parents.

about plans

Teachers to submit lesson plans up to 4 weeks in advance for the parents to view.


Parents inform the teacher whether their child will be out sick or on vacation.


Thank you for visiting. I am here to meet your childcare needs.