We are open Monday to Friday from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. However, parents can drop off their children any time between 7:30 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. depending on their needs.
We are closed for two weeks annually – one week in summer, and one week in December around Christmas to New years. We are also closed on all statutory holidays. The exact dates of our week-long closures can change from year-to-year. We will notify the parents of our enrolled children regarding these dates, with plenty of notice.
I provide drop-in service. Parents need to have a tour of the center prior and must have completed all the registration forms. The staff will call for the vacant spot. Please come with cash payment and one set of clothing and food.

Our daycare center is qualified for a subsided fee from the B.C. government. This Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative (CCFRI) provides some financial relief for parents who send their children to our daycare (not all daycares qualify for this program). Parents get an automatic fee reduction without needing to apply for it, and without waiting for reimbursements.

The fee reductions you are eligible for under the CCFRI program can depend on your situation, the age of your children, and the number of hours attended. The center can provide standard information. For personalized information check the Government of B.C. website: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/family-social-supports/caring-for-young-chchildren/child-care-funding/child-care-benefit/apply OR call at 1888 338 6622 and choose the appropriate option. In addition to the CCFRI, the Affordable Child Care Benefit (ACCB) has replaced prior child care subsidies in B.C. Eligible parents can apply for extra financial relief under this program.
Please note that the ACCB and CCFRI programs do not always overlap.
Please also be aware that we must apply to be a part of the CCFRI program every year.

According to the CCFRI program, we can not easily increase our fees. I have to give a valid cost increase in operating the center for renovations done related to health and safety of the children, wage increases, etc. The government will increase the fee by a certain percentage only. Their goal is to keep the fee as low as possible.

I can speak Hindi, Marathi, and Gujarati if you would like me to give your child a strong language foundation in their mother tongue. I am delighted to allow you to teach them the language. However, they would be able to communicate with their grandparents better and pass the language to their children later if the communication relates to other children in care. I would translate it into English as well. I can use communication apps and videos in other languages for learning content.

There should be a good balance between them learning through unstructured play (free play) and structured play. They learn through self-discovery and from peers; the potential of learning is indefinite. Through structured monthly age-appropriate themes chosen by the children, educators can provide specific information related to the themes through books, songs, and activities. Children should have fun learning, one way we experiment with this concept is to pair up with adults and work on a project that explores a deep understanding of a subject. For example, if the monthly theme is fish, the child will choose a favourite fish (ex. crown fish), collect information, and put it together on chart paper to share it with their friends during circle time.
If any of the children in care don’t have peanut allergies parents can send peanut butter sandwiches. If a child in the center has peanut allergies nobody is allowed to bring peanut butter as we cannot take the risk of any allergy reaction. We encourage children not to share food. We would invite children to share their cultural food when learning about healthy eating. The parent would need to inform us about the ingredients used and a detailed check would be that no child consumes food they are not supposed to eat whether it is a cultural barrier or food intolerance or allergies.

Yes, we have a daily afternoon nap for all children. Non-sleepers should rest on their bed reading books but not playing with toys as it will wake up the sleeping children.

Children who sleep well but observe a child awake will stay awake. Having no sleep, the child will sleep without having dinner and could wake up in the middle of the night. This can cause issues with parental drop offs and work schedule conflicts.

The sleep policy considers the best interest of all children in care. If your child needs special comforts to fall asleep, we encourage you to provide us. I can allow one blanket or toy when starting new at the center and continue until the parent decides to bring it. Our sleep routine is to read fairy tale books and listen to nap music. Children that follow a consistent sleep routine are accustomed to sleeping quickly.

According to the Directory of Licensing standard of practice- Active Play: Toddlers and preschoolers should accumulate at least 180 minutes of physical activity spread throughout the day. It is mandatory to take the children outside every day for one hour. Parents are encouraged to dress their children for the appropriate weather. The center has rain pants and boots for all children. If they don’t have their size or the child refuses to wear daycare clothing, parents must buy some. In cases of slight rain, we will still take them outside, but in extreme weather, we wait for it to clear up and take them out at different times or use the gym to interact with gross motor activities. Active play can help build strong bones and muscles, improve balance and coordination, and assist with developing gross motor and fine motor skills.
We have two security cameras that are used to monitor the children’s activities. We don’t record.

Yes, we have an open-door policy; however, the well-being of other children in care will be considered.

Your focus would be to support your child with their routine and in making friends.

Quality care is included in the fees.Lunches would be extra

Parents interested in enrollment will request a tour and will bringring completed forms with a $100 deposit. The parent will contact us 45 days before the start date to check for the spot. If you decide to enroll, the $100 is used toward daycare fees,otherwise, the $100 will be refunded. After 45 days, a withdrawal notice policy will apply.

We follow the Childcare Regulation ratio. A Family Daycare setting would be a 1:7 ratio. A Multi-age Daycare setting would be a 1:8 ratio

Our curriculum is ECE (Early Childhood Education) based. It has progressive Montessori competence with programming established based on Reggio’s philosophy in relation to children’s interests.

Children will start the day with open learning, small group activities, art activities, circle time and writing time, gym time ( dancing, role play, indoor gross motor activities) and outside time.
Potty training is not required. When your child show sign of readiness we will work together to get him trained
According to the regulation, if your child has a contiguous illness, the child should stay home. Runny nose and cough are common. You can decide to keep your child home. If the child attends, extra precautions would be taken to sanitize, and the child would be encouraged to wash hands frequently.
Regulations allow us to give prescription medication. Non-prescription medication is not encouraged because there is no prescribed dosage, time, and reason. If medicine is required to be given during daycare hours, the parent will need to fill out a medical form.



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