Our curriculum

Our curriculum is well-planned. We use multiple learning media to teach, such as books, songs, activities, felt stories, art and crafts, science experiments, story baskets, and outdoor trips. Center understands one size fits all doesn’t work. Every child has a different learning style.


Programming is based on ECE philosophy and includes Montessori education (Math, Science, Language, Cultural Life, and Practical Life).


Phonic program for children going to Kindergarten. Children are learning alphabets, words, writing sentences and numbers.


We use a special language program from the health department called "Learning Language and Loving it", catered towards international children/children with language delay. This program uses various strategies like Observe, Wait, and Listen (OWL) to build vocabulary.



To provide quality care at an affordable price to ensure that more families can join the workforce, trusting that their children are in safe and capable hands. Parents feel comfortable leaving their loved ones in our care as we cater to the child’s needs as decided by the parents (who know their child best) within the compliance of childcare regulation.


This center is under a fee reduction plan, and parents can apply for affordable childcare (financial aid). I have been a former Child Care Development Advisory member for five years. Presently, I am campaigning for affordable childcare through 10 dollars a day plans.

Thank you for visiting. I am here to meet your childcare needs.