Under 2 years

Toddlers are able to sit, run, walk forwards and backwards, climb up with two feet on a step, and love to push, squat, kick, throw and jump. Scribbling progresses to making a circle and flat line, holding a pencil half way down using palmar, pick up small objects, build with 4-7 blocks, remove shoes.

Creative experience- Large indoor/ outdoor spaces filled with fun activities allow these movements. LCD writing tablets are provided for writing, exercise , dance, self help skills.

They can link two words to make sentences, copy last words, combine words and point to talk, name well known objects, and conversation not understandable 25% to 75%. Ask what’s that, what are you doing? Respond to simple instructions.

Creative’s Practices: constantly communicate with them performing routine, labeling their feelings and actions. Reading picture books with a few words, a story basket with props for songs and stories. Creating an opportunity for them to talk.

They sort objects by shape and color, make believe play starts, learning concepts, matching, puzzles with four pieces, and can use mechanical toys.

Center provides cause & effect toys, science experience, Montessori toys for sensorial exploration, and putting pieces together to build. Opportunity to solve problems.

Children like colors, light, sound, smell and soft toys. .Some like messy tactile, Center provides sand and water play, playdough, smelly markers, disco lights, texture toys and books and cuddy toys. Expose to natural materials stones, leaves etc and art materials.

Parallel play mostly sometime play with other children for short time, sharing not yet just beginning, “me/mine”imitate parents, clingy to familiar adult, beginning of empathy, Tantrums, instant gratification of request, very reluctant to compromise, very inquisitive but doesn’t have sense of danger, hate restrained, objects to change in routines.

Center takes verbal and non verbal clues and guides them. Try to build strong bonding by being responsive. Help them to regulate their emotions appropriately and modeling.


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